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An abstract is short but powerful statement that succinctly describes a research project, policy or programme. It should contain the scope, purpose, results and contents of the work, and is an original summary of the larger report. It provides reviewers with enough information to evaluate quality, interest and innovation i.e. why is the research important; what problem does it address; methods used; results and implications for the field and key words.

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20 March 2023

An automated response will be sent via the SAMRC Event system that confirms receipt of your abstract

A link if provided on the website https://gapc2023.samrc.ac.za/abstracts.html Once you reach this page, you click on the Submit abstract online.

Please contact Mr Deon Salomo, the Abstract manager at deon.salomo@mrc.ac.za

The GAPC 2023 Scientific Committee

You will be notified by the Event office between 2 – 20 May 2023


  • Early registration with payment will open on 20 January and close on 31 July 2023
  • Late registration will open on 1 August and close with payment on 29 September 2023
  • Attendance to all sessions in the Programme
  • Conference package
  • Teas and lunches during the Conference
  • Welcome reception for in person attendance delegates

No, your registration is only confirmed once you have paid

  • Early registration (HIC) (+-$500) - R7,500.00
  • Early registration (LMIC) +-$400 - R6,000.00
  • Late registration (HIC) +-$600 - R9,000.00
  • Late registration (LMIC) $470 - R7,000.00

The Committee follows the World Bank list which you can find on this link https://datahelpdesk.worldbank.org/knowledgebase/articles/906519-world-bank-country-and-lending-groups

A 10% discount is awarded to group of more than 10 delegates

You can find the Group registration form under registration https://gapc2023.samrc.ac.za/registration.html on the website


No as you need to secure your place at the conference

Follow the instructions on our website https://gapc2023.samrc.ac.za/registration.html under Cancellations

General Questions

English only

R25 000 South African Rands

Visa information is listed under General on our website https://gapc2023.samrc.ac.za/general.html

Ms Kefiloe Masemola (Kefiloe.Masemola@mrc.ac.za ) will issue on confirmation of payment if requested

Please contact Ms Mandy Salomo, the Event Manager at mandy.salomo@mrc.ac.za


The Committee is still waiting on feedback from Funding applications. As soon as they receive positive responses, this will be advertised