Cape Town International
Convention Centre 2

The CTICC offers a variety of on-site amenities for delegates attending an event, including restaurants and a tour operator. Click the link below to get a glimpse into what Cape Town has to offer during your free time. 

The successful realisation of this purpose is not measured purely by commercial interests, but also entails the centre’s ongoing and significant contribution to the local and national economy, as well as our investment in a broad range of corporate social responsibility initiatives. 

Furthermore, the CTICC is committed to contributing to the City of Cape Town’s vision of being Africa’s business events destination. We aim to achieve this by building on our reputation as a truly inspirational business that sets the global standard for excellence in business practices, hospitality and event hosting, both locally and internationally. 

The CTICC offers a variety of handy on-site facilities specifically aimed at providing our guests the luxury of everything under one roof. 

Coffee Shop
Start the day with a fresh brew at Coffee on the Square, situated on the ground floor in the main foyer of the CTICC. Light meals are served in addition to deliciously indulgent refreshments consisting of cakes, confectioneries, deli foods and beverages. 

Business Centre
The CTICC’s business centre offers a number of business services to keep you in touch with your business or clients while attending or hosting an event. The business services include: printing, photocopying, faxing and a courier service. 

On-site Medical Assistance
The health and safety of our guests is of the utmost importance to us, and visitors to the CTICC can rest assured that our on-site medical facility is equipped to provide first-rate medical assistance. For more information please email 

Prayer Room
The CTICC accommodates people of all persuasions and religion and as such the centre has a dedicated prayer room for our patrons. 

Arrival at CTICC
We are committed to ensuring a Covid-safe workplace for all our visitors. Find out more


Safety Tips
No matter where in the world you find yourself, it is important to be vigilant of your surroundings. We urge visitors, delegates and clients to the city to be cautious and observant of their surroundings in order to be safe and secure no matter where they find themselves. 

To find out more the City of Cape Town offers a comprehensive list of Safety Awareness for travellers. Cape Town Tourism also offers Safety FAQs on their website. 

You do not need a permit to walk in the street for any reason whatsoever. Should anyone approach you and state this, be firm and indicate that you are not interested. Walk into a nearby store or hotel if necessary. 

Only use secured ATMs within shopping centres or the CTICC complex
Do not allow anyone to ‘take’ you to an ATM, fraudsters may attempt to take you to an ATM, do not allow anyone to take you to an ATM for any reason whatsoever. Do not accept ‘help’ from anyone at an ATM, including uniformed personnel. Fraudsters may dress in uniform and approach to you to provide assistance. Do not accept any assistance and walk away from ATM if necessary. 

Accredited Tour Guides
Cape Town has many accredited, well trained tour guides, for your convenience the CTICC has partnered with an SMME, AFTA Tours, a dedicated service desk is locted in the CTICC 1 foyer for enquiries or call +27 (0) 72 286 2712. 

Lost Children
Children should not be left unattended at any time. If found, children can be fetched from the CTICC Reception in the Main Entrance Foyers of CTICC 1 and CTICC 2 

Lost Property
Please speak to an assistant at one of our reception desks if you have misplaced any property. If you are no longer at the venue, please give us a call on +27 (0) 21 410 5000 or email

Lost property if not returned to the owner, will be kept with security for three months, depending on the value of the item. Unclaimed items will then be donated as part of the CTICC’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme. 

  • Police 10111
  • Ambulance 10177
  • City of Cape Town General Emergency 107

Contact details
Address: Corner of Heerengracht & Rua Bartholomeu Dias, Foreshore, Cape Town, 8001
Tel: +27 (0)21 410 5000